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Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol: Keter Malchut II Print E-mail

Poet PhilosopherThe 4th of Iyar is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol of Malaga, Spain. He died on April 21, 1021.



You are One, the first of every number, and
the foundation of every structure,

You are One, and at the mystery of Your Oneness the wise of heart are struck dumb,
For they know not what it is.

You are One, and Your Oneness can neither be increased nor lessened,
It lacks nothing, nor does anything remain over.

You are One, but not like a unit to be grasped or counted,
For number and change cannot reach You.

You are not to be visioned, nor to be figured thus or thus.
You are One, but to put to You bound or
circumference my imagination would fail me.

Therefore I have said I will guard my ways lest I sin with the tongue.
You are One, You are high and exalted beyond abasement or falling,
"For how should the One fall?"

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