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Welcoming The Shabbat: Alshich: Psalm 95 Print E-mail
Kabbalat Shabbat

Welcoming The ShabbatThis psalm is addressed to Moses’ contemporaries, the generation of the desert, which had forfeited the right to enter the land of Israel. Moses consoles these people saying, “Let us praise God, and jubilate, since both you and I will be resurrected and come to the land of Israel at that time.” (Romemot El - Rabbi Moshe Alshich; Translated by Eliyahu Munk)

We begin Kabbalat Shabbat with an invitation from Moses to join him in praising God in the World to Come. This sets the theme for all of Shabbat; that our focus throughout the day will be on our eternal life. We do not simply think of this one Shabbat, but of the Ultimate Shabbat, when we sill join with Moses in singing God’s praises.
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